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Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Workshop: A Two-Day Immersive Experience

MARCh 8th & 9th 6pm cst









Moved class over to March 8th & 9th 6pm cst

Each Session lasts up to 1-2 hours
Price  $333 until March 1st

Contact Dr. Druanna Wails for other payment instructions

We take Bitcoin, Direct Payment, Zellepay, Oxxo, Money Order 

Ravenmoonshadow Temple

Fawn Johnston

Build Wealth as a Crypto Investor

Nick on the left, Druanna middle, and Darren on the Right Transformation Workshop Cancun 2019

Day 1: Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Session 1: Introduction to Bitcoin

  • Overview of the history of Bitcoin and its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto

  • Explanation of blockchain technology and how it underlies Bitcoin

  • Understanding decentralization and its significance in the context of cryptocurrencies

Session 2: How Bitcoin Works

  • Mechanics of Bitcoin transactions

  • Wallets and keys: Public and private keys, types of wallets

Session 3: Altcoins and the Crypto Market

  • Introduction to altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies)

  • Overview of the broader cryptocurrency market

  • Market capitalization and price dynamics

Session 4: Crypto Exchanges and Trading Basics

  • Different types of cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Creating accounts and securing them

  • Introduction to trading pairs and order types

Session 5: Security and Risks

  • Importance of securing your cryptocurrency holdings

  • Risks associated with trading and investing

  • Best practices for mitigating risks

Day 2: Crypto Investing and Trading Strategies

Session 6: Fundamental Analysis

  • Understanding the fundamentals of a cryptocurrency project

  • Evaluating whitepapers, teams, partnerships, and technology

  • Applying fundamental analysis to make informed investment decisions

Session 7: Technical Analysis

  • Introduction to technical analysis and its tools (charts, indicators)

  • Reading and interpreting price charts

  • Identifying trends, support, and resistance levels

Session 8: Trading Strategies

  • Day trading vs. swing trading vs. long-term investing

  • Risk management strategies

  • Developing a trading plan

Session 9: Hands-on trading exercises using a Trading Account

  • Addressing common questions and concerns

  • Open floor for participant Q&A

This class provides a comprehensive introduction to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing and trading, covering both theoretical and practical aspects. Keep in mind that the cryptocurrency space is dynamic, so it's essential to update the material to reflect any significant changes in the industry. Additionally, consider inviting guest speakers or experts for specific topics to enhance the learning experience.

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